How to Flash Oppo F1s Tested 100% success easy and safe

Some reasons Oppo F1s users flash or reinstall on
generally caused because Oppo F1s software glitches, one
software glitches that require Oppo F1s users to flash are
Oppo F1s experiencing hang logo or botloop (when turned on only logo OPPO only).

How to Flash Oppo F1s Tested 100% success easy and safe

the reason above, many users who want to update Color OS
Oppo F1s system. Why you should update your Oppo F1s software!!…
Because you will benefit from the update
Oppo F1s system including: optimizing system performance Oppo F1s,
Extend the battery life of your Oppo F1s, develop
Oppo F1s compatibility with third-party applications., Increase
system stability on Oppo F1s devices.

By doing
flashing Oppo F1s, you can repair the system and applications because
problems in the previous Oppo F1s Stock ROM firmware version by
update the Oppo F1s Color OS system using the latest version.

To install Oppo F1s firmware you can do
by going to recovery Oppo F1s, from the recovery menu of your Oppo F1s
can install Oppo F1s firmware that you have downloaded
by selecting the Install option
from stroge device in the recovery menu, more details please see below how to install Oppo F1s.

Please download the stock ROM Oppo F1s firware, then save it on your SD card,
Put the Oppo F1s firmware outside the folder to facilitate the Oppo F1s flash process.

Firmware download for Oppo F1s

How to install Oppo F1s Stock ROM firmware

  • Ensure capacity
    Oppo F1s battery is still sufficient (more than 30%)
  • Turn Off Your Oppo F1s
  • Then press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button, until your Oppo F1s enters Recovery Mode.
  • To navigate the Oppo F1s recovery menu, you can use
    touchscreen by means of Touch recovery menu option or using
    volume buttons for navigation and power button for selecting
  • Select Install from SD
  • Select the Oppo F1s firmware file storage location that you have
    put, from SD card (SD card storage) or from phone storage
    (Phone storage).
  • Select Oppo F1s firmware.
  • A confirmation message will appear on your screen. Click Yes.
  • Your Oppo F1s will reboot and start updating.
  • Please wait for the Oppo F1s firmware update process to complete

Oppo F1s system update install process takes time
long enough. Do not operate or turn off your Oppo F1s device during
process in progress, please wait for the Oppo F1s firmware install process until

In some cases Oppo smartphone botloop
we’ve dealt with, Oppo Smartphone when turned on only appears
logo OPPO and after doing a reinstall using the new firmware,
The problem can not be solved by means of flash, install OS
or OS Upgrade the possibility of the problem is due to damage to the Oppo F1s EMMC IC.

after install new firmware has been successful and Oppo F1s still can’t
with normal or the same as before, the possibility of Oppo F1s damage
on the eMMCnya IC, for further improvement you must do
replacement on eMMC IC
Oppo F1s.

Sekianlah how to install firmware Color OS Oppo F1s that we can share for you of course who want to do
Oppo F1s software update, or who is looking for how to install
reset Oppo F1s.

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