How to install Redmi 7A (Pine) EDL Brick

Hello EvilicaCell friends meet again with me admin of the most working tutorial site in the world, on this occasion I will share how to flashing Redmi 7A Pine that has problems with the system such as total death due to failed flash or other system errors.

How to flash Redmi 7A Pine via EDL I have tried and succeeded to overcome the Redmi 7A which died completely due to software, and as proof at the same time to make it easier to understand how to flash Redmi 7A via test point, I will include a video tutorial at the end of the article.

For those of you whose Redmi 7A can still live or not matot, I recommend to flash using the method Redmi 7A flash without UBL or Flash Redmi 7A via Fastboot, to avoid things that are not in want, and also his way easier without unloading.

Unless Redmi 7A is already dead, then you just follow the Redmi 7A flash tutorial via this test point. Okay, right off the bat, then how to flash a dead Redmi 7A pine without UBL? read this article to the end.

First you have to dismantle the casing (back cover) Redmi 7A
until it looks machine / motherboard, in order to do a test point.

Before doing the process flash Redmi 7A Pine via test point, you should first check the type or device name via PC
in order not to be mistaken in choosing the firmware file and not to be mistaken in following
tutorial, and before doing the Redmi 7A flash process you should
back up all data stored on the internal memory.

How to install Redmi 7A Pine via Test Point Update 2022:

  1. Download Redmi 7A latest firmware download
    by clicking the download link > wait 5 seconds then click skip or
    skip, click allow or allow later will automatically download the file format
  2. Extract firmware Redmi 7A Global tgz downloaded earlier, by right-clicking > select extract here (password: evilicacelldotcom) and wait until the extract process is complete.
  3. Change the firmware file name to .rar then extract again until
    generate the firmware folder and its contents (extract to the desktop for
    easy to find) will later generate a folder called Pine_Global_images.
    Redmi 7A (Pine) EDL Flash
  4. Download QDLoader HS-USB Driver
    by the way as before > then extract as before and install
    all drivers are formatted .exe > Right click then select Run as
    administrator and install to complete
  5. Download MI-FLASH
    in a way like before, then extract by right-clicking and then
    select extract here (password: evilicacelldotcom) and run
    XiaoMiFlash.exe by right click > Select Run as administrator
    and wait until it opens
    Flash Redmi 7A (Pine) EDL Test Point
  6. Click the browser on MiFlash then navigate to the folder Redmi 7A firmware extract results earlier (pine_global_images_global) then click Open / OK at the bottom of MiFlash, select clean all
  7. Position Redmi 7A off and off the battery, then connect the test point Point using tweezers / cable that is important to be able to drain electricity, connect you connect to PC using a USB cable
    Flash Redmi 7A (Pine) EDL Test Point
  8. If the driver has been successfully installed, it will appear / be detected as Qualcomm HS USB QDloader 9008 in device manager, then you can remove the test point, the USB cable remains connected
  9. Click refresh on MiFlash then the code will appear on the device section in MiFlash and finally click flash to start the Redmi 7A flash process and wait for it to finish.

After the Redmi 7A flash process via test point is complete, the text finish will appear /
success is green on the MiFlash and you can plug in the battery socket and turn it on as usual by pressing the power button.

Note: how to flash Redmi 7A via this test point, no need to unlock the bootloader / without UBL, so want Redmi 7A still locked bootloader or not, it does not matter.

If it is felt that the Redmi 7A Pine flash process via test point has been completed 100%
without error, but the condition of Redmi 7A is still problematic or not there
changes, you can check the following article “flash success but still nil“for an explanation and how to overcome it.

To make it easier to understand how to flash Redmi 7A pine via EDL, you can watch the video tutorial above: (the video above is also proof that the Redmi 7A Pine via EDL flash tutorial I have tested and succeeded)

Okay maybe that’s all the Redmi 7A pine flash tutorial via EDL from EvilicaCell, if there is still confusion or difficulty downloading, you can comment below and please subscribe to the channel YouTube EvilicaCell to get updates about his other flash tutorials.

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