Samsung A52 SM-A525F

Hello EvilicaCell friends meet again with me admin of the most working tutorial site in the world, on this occasion I will share how to flash Samsung Galaxy A52 with type SM-A525F/DS or without a DS that has problems on the system such as bootloop (stuck logo) failed flash, flash file, locked and others, can be fixed by means of flash as I will explain in this article.

How to flash Samsung A52 with type SM-A525F I have tried and succeeded without problems to fix bootloop / locked, and as proof as well as to make it easier to understand how to flash Samsung Galaxy A52, I will include a video tutorial at the end of the article.

Before flashing the Samsung Galaxy A52, you should first check the details of the Samsung Galaxy A52 version you want to flash, in the following way “how to check Samsung version details“for his penjalasan, so as not to choose the wrong firmware that resulted in failed flash.

If you are sure of the Samsung Galaxy A52 version, then you can select the Samsung Galaxy A52 firmware according to the version that you can download via the link below.
Samsung A52 SM-a525f
Actually not exactly the same was not a problem gan, only if
firmware and its HP Type is the same then most likely the flash process
it will work, but if it is already dead and do not know
detail version of it, you can try it and there is no wrong too,
I tried it 100% without any problems.

As usual, before flashing the Samsung Galaxy A52
you should back up / backup all data stored on
internal memory (phone memory) because after the Samsung flash process
Galaxy A52 is finished, all data will be erased as when first bought

How to install Samsung A52 SM-A525F Update 2022:

  1. Select firmware for Samsung Galaxy A52 SM-A525F by clicking the download link then wait 5 seconds > click skip or skip and then click allow or allow, later will be directed to the download page.
  2. Select firmware Samsung Galaxy A52 Indonesia according to its binary version, then click and click the Download button on the website and wait until the download process is complete 100%
  3. Extract the Samsung Galaxy A52 firmware that you downloaded earlier, by right-clicking > then select extract here (password: evilicacelldotcom) and wait until the extract process is complete
  4. Download Samsung USB driver
    then install the Samsung USB driver.exe with
    how to right click then select install and click install to finish.
  5. Download Odin3_v3.14.1.rar
    in the same way > then extract in the same way, and run Odin3.exe click
    right > Select Run as administrator and wait until it opens
  6. Click the AP box on Odin3 and then navigate to the Samsung Galaxy A52 firmware extract results earlier (tar. md5) click Open and wait until the load process is complete
  7. Also input files BL, CP, and CSC appropriate firmware extract results earlier as an example in the following figure:
    Samsung A52 SM-a525f
  8. In position HP Samsung Galaxy A52 off and charged the battery, then press and hold the volume Up + volume down, while connecting to a PC using a USB cable
  9. The text will appear Warning on the screen of HP Samsung Galaxy A52 then press the volume Up button once to enter Download Mode
  10. Will be detected as Samsung Mobile USB modem in device manager, and will appear Com: xxx in the Com ID section in Odin
  11. Click the start button on Odin to start the flashing process, and the Samsung A52 flash process will run automatically and just wait until the flash process is 100% complete without error

If the process of flashing Samsung Galaxy A52 SM-A525F using Odin already
done 100% without error, it will appear colored Reset notification
blue or green Pass on Odin and HP Samsung Galaxy A52 will
restart automatically and just wait for it to go to the start screen.

Congratulations you’ve managed to do the flashing process Samsung Galaxy A52 with type SM-A525F using firmware Samsung Galaxy A52 indonesia, and HP Samsung A52 can be used normally again.

If after the flashing process Samsung Galaxy A52 is complete, and
asking for Google account verification and you don’t know the Google account,
that means you guys have to bypass FRP in the following way “bypass google Account Samsung A52“for an explanation and how to overcome it.

If the flashing process Samsung Galaxy A52 SM-A525F is completed 100%
without error, but the condition of the Samsung Galaxy A52 is still problematic or
there are no changes, you can check the following article.”flash success but still nil“for an explanation and how to overcome it.

To make it easier to understand how to flash Samsung Galaxy A52 SM-A525F using Odin, you can watch the video tutorial above:
(video tutorial flash Samsung Galaxy A52 SM-A525F cooming soon at YouTube EvilicaCell)

Okay maybe so many tutorials flashing Samsung Galaxy A52 SM-A525F using Odin 100% successful from EvilicaCell, if there is still
confused or difficulty downloading, you can comment below and
please subscribe to EvilciaCell YouTube channel to get updates
another flash tutorial.

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