Tutorial How to remove MiCloud Redmi 6A Distri / TAM


Hello Banglarmedia friends meet again with me admin of the most working tutorial site in the world, on this occasion I will share how to remove Mi account on Redmi 6A with product name Cactus locked Mi account can be fixed by resetting using SP FlashTool as I will explain in this article.

Tutorial remove MiCloud Redmi 6A cactus via SP FlashTool I have tried and succeeded without problems, and as proof at the same time to make it easier to understand how to reset MiCloud Redmi 6A, I will include a video tutorial at the end of the article.

How to reset MiCloud Redmi 6A using this SP FlashTool can be for Redmi 6A which China distributor warranty or TAM, so no need to ask again yes gan h3h3.. Let’s just try and see the results.
MiCloud Redmi 6A Cactus
Before doing the reset process MiCloud Redmi 6A you should first check the product details in the following way “how to check Xiaomi type via PC“in order not to mistake the type and cause flash failure, make sure the type of product name is Cactus.

Okay, right off the bat, then how to reset MiCloud Redmi 6A locked account / forgot Mi Redmi 6A account? See this article to the end and please do not be lazy to read so as not to fail to understand.

How to Reset MiCloud Redmi 6A for Mac via SP FlashTool:

  1. Make sure the antiVirus on your Windows is disabled, and for how to check here “how to disable Windows AntiVirus“so that the flash process runs smoothly.
  2. How to remove MiCloud Redmi 6A Google Drive or AndroidFileHost by clicking the download link, then wait 5 seconds > click skip or skip and then click allow or allow, later will be directed to the download page
  3. Extract the file remove MiCloud Redmi 6A you downloaded earlier by right-clicking > then select extract here (password: Banglarmediadotcom) and wait until the extract process is complete
  4. Download MediaTek USB drivers 2022
    in a way like that, then extract in a way like that too
    install all formatted drivers .exe (application) right click
    select Run as administrator and install to complete.
  5. Download SP FlashTool v5 in the same way, then extract it in the same way and run Flash_Tool.exe located in the SP FlashTool folder by right-clicking > then select Run as administrator and wait until SP FlashTool opens
  6. Click the Choose button on scatter-loading and then navigate to the Redmi 6A firmware extracted earlier (MT6765_Android_scatter.txtclick Open and wait for the file to load
  7. Click the Choose button on the Download-Agent and navigate to the file named MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin click Open and wait until the file is loaded perfectly and let the SP FlashTool first open and standby
  8. Download file Auth_Bypass_Tool_v6 + libUSB (latest version)
    by clicking the download link and wait 5 seconds > click skip or
    skip then click allow or allow, later will be directed to
  9. Extract file Auth Bypass Tool downloaded earlier, then install
    LibUSB extract results earlier by right-clicking and then select Run as
    administrator and install to complete > tick on the section
    Install a device filter and then next
  10. Position Redmi 6A off and charged, then press and hold the button volume Up + volume down while connect to PC using USB cable
  11. It will appear MediaTek drivers / Preloader / Single Port on LibUsb,
    then you quickly click the drivers that appear and then click the button
    install, then wait until the libUSB filter drivers install process is complete
  12. If the MediaTek drivers have successfully installed the LibUSB filter, remove the USB cable from the Redmi 6A cellphone again, then run mtksecbypass.exe located in the folder MTK_Auth_Bypass_Tool_V6 by right-clicking > then select Run as
    administrator and wait for it to open
    Tutorial How to remove MiCloud Redmi 6A Distri / TAM
  13. Then click the button Disable Auth until the writing appears waiting for brom…

    and next position Redmi 6A off and charged the battery, press and hold volume Up + volume down and if it is connected and
    drivers installed, then the process bypass auth his will runs

  14. If the bypass Auth Redmi 6A process has been successful, it will appear
    it says” MTK surce boot bypass success ” on the MTK Auth bypass tool.
  15. Focus again on the SP FlashTool that we have set before it earlier,
    then click tab Option > then to the Connection menu and check on
    UART section and in the Com port section select the appropriate Com
    that appear in device manager, then at the Baud rate select the most
    Tutorial How to remove MiCloud Redmi 6A Distri
  16. Next click the close button on the Options tab, and click the Download button on the SP FlashTool to start the reset process Redmi 6A and wait until
    the Redmi 6A reset process is 100% complete without errors.

If the remove MiCloud Redmi 6A process has been successful using the SP FlashTool, a green Download Ok check notification will appear, and then you can disconnect the USB cable and turn on the Redmi 6A cellphone.

Note, If an error occurs:

  • ERROR: STATUS_SEC_IMG_TOO_LARGE, the solution uncheck the Cust section in SP FlashTool and repeat the process according to the tutorial.
  • ERROR: STATUS_STOR_LIFE_EXHAUST, the solution to the Options tab then Option > General and uncheck the Storage Life Cycle Check section and repeat the flash process according to the tutorial

Congratulations you have successfully performed the reset process MiCloud Redmi 6A distriburtor without dongle alias free, and you can login again using another Mi account.

To make it easier to understand how to reset MiCloud Redmi 6A locked Mi account via SP FlashTool, you can watch the video tutorial above below: (the video above is also proof that I have tested and succeeded in removing MiCloud Redmi 6A tutorial.)

If the reset process is appropriate but Redmi 6A is still problematic, you can flash it again using the following method “3 ways to flash Redmi 6A“for an explanation and how to overcome it.

Okay maybe that’s the tutorial reset MiCloud Redmi 6A distributor via SP FlashTool from Banglarmedia, if there is still confusion or difficulty downloading, you can comment below and please subscribe to Banglarmedia’s YouTube channel to get updates about other tutorials.

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