10% Increase In Cryptocurrency Usage In Australia By 2022

Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx conducted its annual survey in September 2022, and the annual survey yielded interesting results.

Daily use of cryptocurrencies by Australians has increased by 10%, according to the survey. Australians use cryptocurrencies as a means of exchanging goods and services.

Cryptocurrency spending has increased 10% over the past 12 months, with 53% of Australian cryptocurrency owners reporting that they have used cryptocurrency to make purchases.

Amazon is one of the most used online marketplaces, attracting 27% of cryptocurrency users in Australia, spending 21% on refueling at pumps and 23% on restaurants.

Regarding the rise in cryptocurrency spending, Tommy Hannan, head of strategic partnerships at Swyftx, said in a statement that he is excited to see a significant increase in the number of Australians using cryptocurrencies for online shopping as the future of digital assets becomes almost certain. . show. lie.

Bitcoinest said Hanan on Friday (30/9): “””. / 2022).

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Cryptocurrency holdings are on the rise.

Not only has spending on cryptocurrencies increased, but the value of crypto holdings in Australia has also increased. Cryptocurrency holdings increased by 4%, from 17% in 2022 to 21%.

Moreover, the survey found that 29% of crypto holders are optimistic about their long-term investment or investing in cryptocurrencies.

On the negative side, the number of people who believe cryptocurrency will be the currency of the future is down 5% year over year.

Female investors make more money

The survey also shows that Australian cryptocurrency investors earn more than male cryptocurrency investors.

Australian women reported earnings of $7,314 (approximately Rs 110.9 million), compared to $7,089 (Rs 175 million) for Australian men. Despite the harsh crypto winter, 72% of Australians who own crypto reported an average return of $7,152.

Previously, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was still moving in the red zone on Saturday (10 January 2022). However, Bitcoin and Ethereum prices tend to be somewhat bearish.

As of the morning of Saturday, October 1, 2022, Bitcoin (BTC) has been again bearish for the past 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap data. Bitcoin (BTC) was down 0.40% to trade at $19,399.62, or about 296.97 million rupees (assuming an exchange rate of 15,309 rupees per US dollar). However, Bitcoin price rose 1.3% last week.

Likewise, the price of Ethereum. The price of Ethereum (ETH) has fallen 0.16% in the last 24 hours. Ethereum is priced at 1,328.89 USD or around Rp. 20.33 million. Ethereum price rose 0.74% last week.

The price of the BNB coin has also been in the red in the last 24 hours. However, a slight correction in the BNB price was 0.18%. Last week, BNB prices rose 2.47%. The current price of BNB is $283.53 (approximately Rp.4.32 million).

The price of XRP has decreased slightly in the last 24 hours. XRP price is down 0.04%. Last week, the price of XRP fell 5.86%. The current price of XRP is $0.4744.

Cardano (ADA) prices have fallen 0.85% in the last 24 hours. Last week, ADA prices fell 6.3%. Cardano is now priced at $0.4334.

Likewise with the price of Solana (SOL) which is red. The price of Solana (SOL) has fallen 2.79% in the last 24 hours. Last week, Solana’s price fell 2.28%. Currently, the solana is priced at $33.

Meanwhile, the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) has risen 2.35% in the last 24 hours. However, over the past week, the price of Dogecoin has fallen by 7.1%. The current price of Dogecoin is $0.6194.

Stablecoins like Tether have fallen in the last 24 hours. Over the past week, the price of rope (USDT) has been in the green. Currently the price of the rope is in the position of 1.00 USD.

The US Dollar (USDC) price has been in the red for the last 24 hours. USDC prices are down 0.01%. The US dollar fell 0.02% last week. Currently, the USDC price is at 0.9998 USD.

Similarly, the price of Binance USD (BUSD) has been in the red for the last 24 hours and last week. The price of BUSD is 1 USD.

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