How to solve Epson L3110 Printer flashing ink and paper lights

How to solve Epson L3110 Printer flashing ink and paper lights The Printer is hardware output that has many uses, especially in the field of education is needed by students/students who need to print such as assignments, reports, proposals, or thesis. Not only in the field of education, in the Office world is also very much needed once this printer to print various files or documents.

Behind its function, there are also many problems that often arise that can interfere with us when using the printer. The problems that arise are diverse and varied, such as catridge that is not installed properly, ink that runs out, or so forth. But of the many problems that often occur, printers with flashing paper light logos are very often encountered.

The problem often occurs in the Epson l3110 printer, this causes the printer can not print paper as usual and hamper our activities. Such a problematic printer situation is certainly very annoying, especially if you need to print documents immediately.

In this article, we will try to review and provide the right solution to the problem. Indicator lights that light up and flicker can be a sign or sign that the printer is having problems.

What is the cause?

There are many factors that cause problems with the Epson l3110 printer with flashing paper lights. One of the causes why the paper indicator light flashes is the presence of objects left behind or inside the printer.

Usually, there is paper tucked inside the printer that is jammed so that when the paper is pulled there is a part of the paper that is torn and not intact when pulling the paper out. That’s what usually happens and that causes the printer to error (issue a lit paper indicator) and cannot be used.

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But rest assured, every problem has a solution. No need to panic if you experience problems like this, what needs to be done is to overcome it in a simple way and overcome it yourself at home. No need to bother to go all the way to the printer service.

How To Fix Epson L3110 Printer Cannot Print

How to solve it? Please follow the steps below, use the first and second methods so that the results are maximized.

The First Way

1. Do checking thoroughly on the printer by opening the printer cover.

2. Check whether there is paper stuck in the printer or not. If there is paper stuck in the printer immediately remove and dispose of the printer.

3. Restart printer.

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Second Way

1. Queue check documents to be printed in view print, cancel all existing queues.

2. Unplug the paper installed in the printer.

3. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button.

4. Wait a few minutes, then turn it back on printer and put it back previously removed paper.

5. To check if the printer is running again, test by printing documents.


This is the article about How to solve Epson L3110 Printer flashing ink and paper lights. Isn’t it easy to solve this problem? Now your printer can run normally again and can be used again to print various documents.

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